Completely edible candle holders

Por Miriam G.


Completely edible because you can eat the candle holder, which is a ginger cookie (recipe here). You can eat the candle, made of white chocolate, and the flame, a ginger cookie with a chocolate cookie candle wick.

I like the combination of white chocolate and ginger, it is one of those well-matched pairs in which one of the members is simple and sweet and the other one is NOT. And precisely because of their differences, they work perfectly well together. And besides, they look really cute on pictures.


Step 1: Candle holders
We choose three Christmas cookie cutters of approximately the same size and a small round one to make the hollow chamber of the candle. We roll out two dough sheets, 10mm and 6mm thick. We cut the candle holders in the 10mm sheet and the circles in the 6mm one. We empty the center of the candle holders and place the circles, which are lower, inside. We bake at 180º, baking time will depend on the size.


When cookies are cold we paint them, I applied two coats of paint with the colors below.


Step 2: The candles

Candles are small white chocolate treats. We only need to find the right mold, but soon after you start looking for them, you will find out that there are plenty of cylindrical molds for chocolates.

For the flames I used a tear shaped micro cutter that I used with the ginger dough sheet which I had previously rolled out really thing (1mm thick). We need it to be very light so they can ‘stand up’. I didn’t use any cutter for the wicks, I just made tiny logs and let them fall on the flames, both pieces glued to each other in the oven.


The most complicated part is to place the flame on the candle. I used a toothpick to make a hole in the chocolate and then put the flame on it.

Step 3: Snow crystals

This is another example of what I use to repeat so often: ‘there are no such things as fondant cutters, just cookies of different sizes’.


The decorative possibilities of these candle holders are infinite. After weighing up several designs, I decided on this one, so simple. I encourage you to make it more complicated, to reinterpret it and to show it to me.


A big fat kiss.